Most Contaminated Fruits And Vegetables


“The Environmental Working Group has listed the most contaminated fruits and vegetables“. In my desire and quest to eat fresh fruits and vegetables I find fresh fruits are not as fresh but contaminated with pesticides and chemicals. I grew up from the garden where foods were organic and meats weren’t given antibiotics and genetically modified feeds.

In this unhealthy world I made decision, when I started my family at age thirty, we would live a healthy lifestyle. Today my eldest daughter of four, a single mother working hard to offer her daughter a healthier eating lifestyle, without father’s help, said something I found cherish-able. She commented, after seeing an obese child, at the neighbor store that her child would not grownup eating at McDonald’s.

When they were children they refuse my healthy meals. They would not eat at home but would wait till we left and whine about being hungry. People looked at us as if we were irresponsible parents. Me and my spouse stuck to our guns. Now they appreciate why we did it our way and not succumb to family intrusion on how to raise them. They were healthy then only feeling the sickness other were feeling then after ditching my healthy ways for their own. They return home from time to time to learn “MamasWay” of doing things. I don’t get recognition from them, not even my spouse for my overpowering will to do things my way not the will of others.

We now live in a world where everything processed commercially, therefore these health conscious ideas are not great concerns for profit driven organizations and companies.

HealthCentral has 10 fruits and veggies we should eat organic when possible due to their high contamination of pesticides.


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