Man Threatens To Cook And Eat Judges’s Kids


People get stranger everyday doing, threatening all sorts of shocking things to people. A man threatens to cook and eat judge’s kids is one of many shocking news we get everyday. It seems more and more people lack coping mechanism to deal with problems in a humanistic way.

Animals by designed kill and eat each others on instinct. But God made people in his image so learning more about him and his son helps you see who you should strive to be. Since no one is perfect your effort and willingness is what God looks for in imperfect people.

2Timothy3:1 says the world we faced is critical and hard to deal with. The Bible also has answers for aiding us through these turbulent critical hard to deal with last days. Love of neighbor has vanished from the face of earth. God is aware and offers help for you to cope until return of his son Jesus via Bible. One Bible principle give hope in a better world mentioned in Revelation21:1-7. Learn more about God by studying, researching, and searching out his ways.As things like this man threatening to cook and a judge’s kids is disheartening Bible knowledge give us hope in a better world where god will bring about changes in the earth you and I long for.



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