Which Is Better Losing Pounds Or Inches


“You should lose no more than 2 pounds a week for lasting weight loss. Losing is likely to be temporary” otherwise.” I gain 25 pounds in two months after a two-week stay in the mental hospital and prescribed Remrom for depression. I have always been petite so gaining the pounds so rapidly was more depressing because I could no longer fit my new clothes I just bought. To make matters worse, all the weight was in my stomach as if I was pregnant, six weeks along.

I mentioned my concerns to my mental therapist she ask me was I active. I remained closed mouthed as I was actively taking class at a technical college and not glued to my couch as one would expect. After a year of trying to figure out how to lose the fat with healthy eating. I finally start losing fat and inches from my waist but not pounds.

After taking this quiz: “all about inches” I now understand why I still weight 150 pounds up from 125 fitting in all my size 8 clothes and some 6 down from size 16 in less than a year.


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