Low Blood Sugar Prevent Colon Cancer


My spouse has diabetes and the potential for colon cancer. He had colonoscopy in his early forties. He insisted his doctor do the test because he felt their was something wrong. They did and they found cancerous polyps and remove them. The article by Mehmet C. Oz, MD, and Michael F. Roizen, MD helps me to see how diabetes and colon cancer may link.

Both my parents have diabetes and that inspired me to do research and find out what cause diabetes and how to prevent getting it. since 1997 I have ready my family meals for their health in the future. Fifteen years later my family is healthy, and can remember when everybody around them got colds, and flues and they didn’t.

At the time they didn’t appreciate the hard work and love I put in keeping them healthy so they will have a starting chance when they are older and caring for their families. I whole-heartedly believe in Bible principle “teach a child in way to go and they will not leave it”. Happy to say they have and now realizing just a big bad she-bear that instead on them eating my cooking and not McDonald. Now they prepare healthy meals for their children.

Finding out High blood sugar could lead to colon cancer in women 12 years later make me feel good about changes I made in my families eating habits and lifestyles when my spouse blood sugar level went from border diabetes and through the roof high blood pressure went textbook normal.

The family fought hard against my healthy agenda and overtime walked away from it. Now he has diabetes and high blood pressure to tend with. They miss my cooking due to my vertigo and limited mobility. I am happy to say they are back and learning my healthy way lifestyle heating.

A healthy eating formula to keep your blood sugar slow will make choosing the right food easier. This formula is on the RealAge website. All you need to do is divide your dinner plate with right part of healthy foods, add the good, healthy foods, and subtract the bad, unhealthy foods.


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