Hackers Petition Government To Legally Hack Computer?


Intersecting story. Anonymous hackers who hacked a number of services like PayPal, breached the PlayStation Network, and hacked the CIA website petitioned the Whitehouse website for legal right to attack people computer by slowing it down or denying services to that website for a short time.

How will they do. The DDos see this as no different from “occupy” protest of an area of a building. They want to use their computer to occupy another computer thereby slowing down or denying service to that website. Therefore, they petition government legally rather hacked them.

The ramifications of this is major. Nobody making money on land, sea, or Internet. What if every computer did this to every Website. There would be a grid lock of websites and hackers computers blacking out the internet. I can see it in my mind’s eye. I can hear shut down in my “minds ear” I can feel the speed of bandwidth coming to a scrawl or stand still. I see children hacking their parents in the next room unawares. The list goes on and on. “The unimaginable strive in my imagination”


Read more about this interesting story at altGadget website


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