8 Reasons You Memory Loss Not Alzheimer’s Related


In my early forties I had trouble remembering how to get to places around town. It got so bad I would drive around in circles all day forgetting where I was going or how to get there.

I decided to research Alzheimer and took the online Alzheimer’s evaluation. I had all the symptoms mentioned except for maybe two.
I decided then I needed to go back to college learn something new to keep my brain functioning as I realized brain cells die naturally and get replaced by new ones. Crosswords puzzles too boring, I needed something that would keep me alert wanting more. Technology does that. I’m still learning new stuff online keeping up to date on all the Tech World has to offers.

That was eight years ago and my memory has improved. I now have a couple of degrees in Computer Technology.
My brain hurt a lot over those years. Working online developing websites, blog, program java, C# much more was worth the hard work, studies, and pain to pass my classes. I am enjoying my computer savvy geek life.

I have done a lot to share my ideas with my favorite websites. They have done much in bug fixes and new technology that make learning computers at a late age joyous.

This article “8 Memory Loss Cause That aren’t Alzheimer’s” because it has refresh me. I mow see the memory losses i experience are normal aging.


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