Cleaning Apps Having Access To Your Accounts


If you are anything like me and have apps with access to your accounts such as Google, Facebook’s, Twitter, Flickr, etc that you no longer use. If this is the case then this article is for you. I have cleaned my Google and Facebook accounts from time to time just like I do my wardrobe. “If I ain’t using it, see no need to keep it”. I like space, hate clutter so I feel driven to remove, delete any apps I’ve moved on from, got bored with, found one new and better, or especially those that irritate me by not doing what I expect.

I live in a “Techno World” all my own where technology either do what I want or it gets put to the side until bugs and fixes catches up. I even express to companies I find of interest what I want them to do such as, with my iPad, telling them what they need to offer me to make their website function with my iPad because tablets are in and laptops are becoming obsolete. Three of my favorites websites have made me happy by complying to my wishes. Those that don’t and didn’t get put to the side or completely deleted from all my accounts and never picked up again because I hold grudges lol.

I’ve told companies what service I expect ever since cellphone and internet shared the same minutes. I told one cellphone company when they get the technology to have my internet separate from my phone I would buy it and when they did I got my first smart phone. I even asked my local phone company for that service knowing they didn’t have it, pointing them direction of cellphone company’s new innovative, uninvited technology so they wouldn’t be left once my vision realized.

I have ideas I can’t do anything with so, I share a morsel with whichever company service I choose to use at the time. If I get a look of hmm she has idea there look, I’ll go with them and share my vision while use their product. If I get a look of contempt I move on watching to see if they follow or fall by the way side. I hold grudges but if the company are above the rest with the technology I want I’ll get it but hold no loyalty to none, everybody gets to help from my ideas. I have a sharing heart that want to make the “Techno World” a better place to live. Whoever is on top in my “Techno World” with technology that make my mind soar to great heights is who I jump on board with.

At the start of this blog I mention my passion to keep or drop any apps I no longer use from my accounts. This be beneficial because it clears your head, your desktop, your online storage accounts, and free up space on your devices. Here’s a link to article written by “How To Geek” Telling you how to clean up apps that have access to your accounts


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