Nine Reasons Not To Ignore Pain


Many of us go through life ignoring pain. It has become a way of life. In my experience acknowledging all those symptoms gets you negative labels and stares of contempt, such as there are some worse off than you. Nobody wants to hear you complain.
I complain about my blurred vision that apparently had nothing to do with my glaucoma. The attitudes I got from staff removed me from my illusion that doctors pay attention, find out the culprit, tell you what it is, then offer treatment.

After getting fourth eye doctor’s opinion I found out my blurred vision and vertigo was due to my MS progressively worsening. I felt unloved, neglected, and stupid.
I never gave up but kept moving forward with my life scooping every bit of info I could from people and internet. Two years later I’m worse than I was when I found out but, better as I learned ways to cut MS process and increase my quality of life.

This article has some good info that keep me alert to pain I need to pay attention to as I attempt to eat and drink my way to a treatment and or cure.

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