Neglected Parents Sue Children For Visits


Nobody should have to sue their child to get a visit from them. The Bible says children are gifts from God, so why would such a precious gift leave their parents neglected. The bible did say when you marry you should leave mother and father cleave to one another become as one but, I don’t think God intended for grown gifts to leave never returning for a visit, not even a phone call?

Why should law makers pass laws giving parents legal ways to get a child’s attention? The bible says love of greater number has cooled off. Bible prophecy being fulfilled by people everywhere. Many not aware it’s being fulfilled by them from every walks of life.

I found this article enlightening “Visit your parents or else”. Neglected parents driven to sue their child for visits. Here’s link

Why has law-maker come this judicial decision? Here’s link

2 thoughts on “Neglected Parents Sue Children For Visits

  1. I worked in a senior’s home for several years and this aspect made me sad. However, there’s a lot of truth to “what goes around comes around.”
    I can tell some of these parents didn’t have much time for the kids when they were little, and some would have been pretty cranky moms and dads. I know there are various angles, but by & large, where the love-bond was never formed, it’s not apt to suddenly appear when the parents are old

    • yeah I can see your point and agree the love bond must me cultivated while children are young. I was a stay at home mom making sure I was available for my kids. I know everybody don’t have that option. but if you sow seeds with no love there will be fruits with no love to offer. You angle well taken.

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