Get The Keys To Debt Collectors Hand Cuff


Debt 3-5 years get sold to other agencies so when these agencies call you and when you pay something its pure profit for them. I see a new scam for making money off poor souls like me that want to pay all her debts but can’t or got screwed trying. One incident in particular, I consolidated all my debts to one card and faithfully paid 300% more than the least due to pay off the card. Well, some creditors don’t appreciate good clients they double what I was paying monthly and added finance charges to my balance. Then they charged over limit fees on top of my rapidly lowering balance by then rapidly over-limit.

I contacted the bank to learn what in the world was happening. Shockingly, they were hand cuff me to someone else debt in my household and my late light bill payments. Okay, I told them my mind, answered all their legal legalities in my defense. I answered and applied to all their legal action according to their fine prints. I mailed all my requested letters to their attorneys on MS Word documents with the word official watermark behind my explanations why I felt justified in not paying them. Knowing my attempts to be an honest patron documented in my credit history would be available to the courts I never showed up for any court date even when they brought the case to my home town.

Getting the keys to debt collector’s handcuff is legal. Debt collectors learn legal ways to screw you so this article offer legal ways to get unscrewed. All you need is to know the legal keys available to you.


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