Good Diet Helps Fibromyalgia Pain


I notice when I was stressed beyond my ability to scope I’d become overwhelm with pain and depression. I kept hearing the word Fibromyalgia from friends around me. So, I look it up and it sound like what I was experiencing. After researching off and on for the next few years I’ve come to accept it as a possibility though doctor haven’t diagnosis me with anything but Glaucoma, and Vertigo. My doctors ran test after test, x-rays after x-rays, and MRI after MRI on me always with no answer why I was sick and getting worse.

Family was the worse. They didn’t accept me being sick and made my life miserable as I sought to find out why I was feeling sick all the time. Since my family was in denial my friends was insensitive to my ailing health. The hurtful words and prejudgements on what I could and could not do became unbearable and I withdrew after years of trying to keep up with them. Nothing I did was ever good enough. Friends and family expected me to deny my health issues and concentrate on issue of other. that would not have been a problem if they had compassion and sympathy for me when I need them too.

Since 1997 I’ve been taking my own health into my hand making healthier meals for me and my family, taking herbs, drinking herbs teas for healthier way of life. a good diet kept us from the doctor less often. The kids are grownup with kids of their own and I still keep to my good diet. Its harder as I become weaker, losing my ability to walk and see properly.

Articles like these help remind me a good diet helps my Fibromyalgia pain.




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