Why Mass Killings In USA On Rise


I”m not and expert or claim to know why People commit mass killings. From my perspective I recognize who 1. who doing these killings 2. what kind of family life they. I hear a lot about mental illness. Mental illness befall people of all walks of life. Whether they be poverty-stricken, poor working class, middle class, or rich class, and the very rich. Then there is race black, white, latino, and many other make up America. Are the killer mostly women or men., young people or older people. The thing I do see is these killing are terrorist-like. The killer or killers plan their attack in advance. As many blame these on mental illnesses I wonder about that. The killers are our children, parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings. They are our close family members, neighbors. For the most part the killers enjoy the good life as compared to the most struggling just to keep food on the table, pay the bill, keep roof over family head who also may suffer from mental illness or know someone who do. In these cases they kill but rarely randomly kill as many as possible before committing suicide or being put down.

If we want answers we need to look at he whole picture not lump everybody into the equation.
The characteristics of these American mass murder I see are;
1. the gun are legally own
2. own more guns than needed to protect self from criminals
3. educated with best educations
4. mostly of one race
5. live in good communities

I also recognize illegal guns commit majority of crimes in US but not mass murders. I think if people love others more regardless of race, status, or background. The attitude that one race is better, or ability be successful in this USA is only for the few who lucky enough to accepted. I don’t think it’s about laziness as some believe but who you are, who you know who know somebody willing to let you in.

The biggest problem I think is this unfair system designed to get rich off the backs of those they view as nobody’s, underserve’s. People have a warp view of who they stereotype people to be. Raising kids in this kind of environment can only screw up their mental development as they see exactly who people compared to who they told people to be. Just some southern thoughts that cross my thinking from time to time based on what I see through intelligent eyes. We are all intelligent and should be treated that way as we all come from one mother and farther Adam and Eve. The big bang evolution thing about evolving from nothing then something beyond my comprehension. We are intelligent human being so an intelligent person had to been here first. I don’t need to know what, when, where, or how no more than the car I drive need to know what, when, where, or how the manufacturer chose its design before it would let me turn the key, put it in drive and carry me where I want to go.

Why mass killings in USA on the rise is a question we’ll be hearing a lot in the next few years. In my insignificant opinion, I don’t think it’s all mental illness. I think it’s people with serious issues known only to them. If love in this world was’t so cold toward people for racist, status, or background of individuals for what ever the reason, is the root of these killings. Some I believe is learn and others is evil minded. There is no reason I can comprehend that justify killing innocent children, women, and men. So, I accept no excuses for people doing these killings whether poor, rich, abuse, etc. There are people from every walk of life that suffer same mental illnesses and don’t commit this type of criminal acts. Reference link



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