Late Night Writing (Snow Blast Blankets The South)

Snow Blast of 2010

It’s late night
Screaming kids
Throwing snowballs at the moon

Children screams ring loud in the darkness
Pass the trees covered in white

Snowflakes are falling

Snowflakes are falling
Not yet sticking to the ground
Windblown flurries
Settle on my Chevy

Snowflakes wet
Unfrozen ice
Melts on the dirt
Beneath my black Aveo

I’m feeling ragged

I only ask the pain to stop
To find another soul
To take away the grief
Ripping me apart

My thoughts are not much

My thoughts are not much
Lingering in my mind
I’m wishing they would leave
To trash another dreamer

I know not what to think, because
My thoughts are not so nice

Why am I writing these poems?

Because it is late
I’m tired
My eyes ache
My ears hurt
My gums pulsate
My life is critical and hard to deal with
Now I’m ready to run away from it all

And the water under the Golden Gate Bridge looks refreshing

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