A Poem for Haiti


An earthquake ravish island
Once the populace for cruise ships
Now devastated completely leveled
Millions homeless living in the street
Waiting hopefully for relief items

Grief stricken looters hunt for food
The desperate fall to their knees
Begging god to help them
Children singing songs dancing in the streets
Trying to cope and endure the trials of destruction

Dead loved ones piled high in the streets
Buried in mass graves no record of them process
Babies pulled from collapsed buildings
Children pass through the arms of rescuer
Adults carried away to safety on stretchers

Survivors praising god for the safe return of their love ones
The tortured asking god why
The bewildered silently staring at nothing
Beyoncé singing “Halo” at the “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon
Country singers singing “Lean on me “as the world pitched in to help

Madonna singing my favorite song “I want to Take You there”
Jennifer Hudson singing “Let it be” for the broken-hearted
Many rivers to cross those in Haiti must travel
People from all the inhabited earth come together in songs
Raising money for Haiti

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