Hunter’s Moon, Solar Moons Premiere

Hunters tracked and killed their prey,
autumn moon guided their way
a colorful moon shined at night
displayed a reddish glow inlay.

Predators stalked their food for winter,
a sanguine moon front and center
rested under full moon beams,
devoured its kill before reentry.

Twelve solar months came a year;
a full moon’s showy premiere,
emerged celestial sights
over a snow-cap hemispheres.

Friends camped under hunter’s bloody moon light;
ate a winter meal by flamed fires,

Solar Moons Premiere

As it went, the wolf moon hunted snow moon,
the worm moon lay larva on a pink moon.
The flower moon bloomed strawberry moon,
the buck moon bought back a Sturgeon moon.
the harvest moon yield to the hunter’s moon,
and the beaver moon worked the cold moon.


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